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Racing Nascar 2005 Chase for the Cup....

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  • Racing Nascar 2005 Chase for the Cup....

    Well, Its official..... I have far too much time on my hands on a sunday night..... I just got done playing Nascar 2005 chace for the cup..... mind you, Ive had this game (PS2) since it came out, but I just Recently got a force feedback steering wheel for GT4 when it comes out, and figured Id try it on the cup game, cause I thought I was good at it...... I did the 250 mile Craftsman Truck race at Daytona..... Full difficulty, no driving aids full damage and full cautions...... I didnt fare too well.... I qualified 17th and finished dead last in 36th (Or maybe 35th???) however many trucks they let out there, every one beat me...... has anyone else tried a full race with the steering wheel at Full difficulty???? I hope for your sake you havent.... cause 250 miles of fighting a truck ( mind you its a Video game) can wear you out pretty good.... (more mentaly than physicly, but that force feedback wheel likes to put up a fight!!!) I cant imagine a real life 500 or 600 mile race.(or even a simulated one)... those guys in real life are Warriors!!!!!! Maybe Ill try Bristol or Martinsville next, and set the race to 10% instead of 100%.....

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    your crazy to go to bristol or martinsville....go to a road course ....i cant imagine trying to fight that....better yet do it with a manual transmission


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      I usually do races at 10% with limited aids & go from there. Seems to work for me pretty well for me. I wish you could make the Bud Shootout longer though like you could in NASCAR Thunder 2003.

      Anybody else doing "Fight to the Top" mode? I'm in my 3rd season & have:

      -25 wins in the Modifieds with two championships so far (and 9 wins in 10 races this season). Currently the points leader in my 3rd season.
      -7 Truck wins...was hired 8 races into the first season, won 6 times & finished 10th in points. Also ran the finale in Homestead in season 2 & won there. Carl Edwards is my biggest rival in the entire game.
      -32 Busch Series wins & a Championship. Currently driving Harvick's Reese's car.
      -16 Cup wins, including a win in the Daytona 500. Current points leader.