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  • Ultimate revenge

    When your at school, most of us probibly get picked on or questioned why they like aviation. Thats not the point, There are cool (popular ), and not cool kids at my school. I for one cant stand the cool crowd for a number of reasons which I wont bore you with.

    I was in my wing of the school with 3 friends and noticed a huge puddle of water, and spray EVERYWARE infront of my english/home room class. All up the walls, all over the floor, all on the lockers and with one kid walking back-forth to the bathroom to get paper towel to clean his locker inside and out. The puddle evedently was under the fire extinguisher.

    Being me, I checked the gauge to notice there wasnt normal preasure and the pin was removed. Of corse at my school all the pins are removed and presumed missing. I checked for leanks around any of the joints and in the hose. None at all. The kid told me and my friends who did it after we helped him.

    We decided to get the janitor to clean it up because it isnt a water based retardent. Something else was in it that made me and one of my friends cough. So we had to talk to the principal and give names while another one of there chums was watching. Ive delt with these three asshoels before, and this is sweet.

    They are suspended for 2 days, not allowed to goto 2 dances, and prom is $300 bucks + 15% sales tax.

    They blamed me in french class for there friends genious actions. They make it look like I did something wrong. Fvck it pisses me off to the MAX. Durring that french class, I was yelling at that fat bitch for quesitoning me and not her friends and kept say "I DONT CARE" when she told me what happend to her friends.

    they see thru there friends actions like a pin of glass, and blame it soley on me as if its my responsibility.

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    What do I think of people like that? I kind of feel sorry for them, as they are the ones that will have poor and pointless jobs when their older and the sensible ones learn alot more and earn more...then who looks the silliest?
    [ MattC ]