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What was your first job?

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    My first job was a temp uner the table job inspecting magnets to make sure the images were inside the punched out part, and then to punch them out and throw into a box.

    The company got a large cotract from McDonalds. Spent a week looking at those damn McDonalds characters..grr!


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      First job in France was the then mandatory military draft lasting 12 months and coming along with the royal monthly pay of more or less 50 bucks. Location was at the airforce's Salon-de-Provence air academy and training base. Was assignated to the department in charge of spare parts flow. Air frames then serviced were
      - CM170 Fouga Magister tandem-two seat-twin jet-V tailed trainers, the most numberous residents, about 50+ units
      - Cap 10, single engined twin side-by-side seater basic aerobatic trainers x 4/5
      - MH1500 Broussards, single radial-engined 6/8 seater twin-fined & high winged light transport and liaison, very nice for collecting new parts (and bringing in used decommisssionned ones for final melting), 4 units
      - 3 x Nord 2501 Noratlas, heavy duty twin-boom/fin/engined medium transports powered by Bristol Mercury radials, able to load up to 10 tons or 40 guys, two clam-shell back doors + loading ramp. For everything which could not squeeze in a Broussard
      First civilian one was door-to-door selling (peddling would be more appropriate !) of life assurances. Did not last very long .... (economic-illiterate pricks and jerks were not my cup of tea ...)
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        What Im doing now, working on the ramp fueling all the airlines. Got hired at 16. Youngest one there.
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          I never been 'employed' in a proper sense yet.

          However, when I was 19, I found work for some days at various factories through a temporary employment service (we have lot of them up here in Canada).

          .1st job: Candy factory, lift 50 pound crates very frequently, push/pull 1000 pound trolleys...everyday I worked there, I lost 1kg (2.205 lb). So, naturally, after couple of days, I quit there.

          .2nd job: Way too dangerous, wiping the drill machines which were a size of car. The darn thing was plugged in with the gigantic drill bit just centimeters away from my head and the guy on the outside was cleaning the on/off switch. So naturally, I did not go there again.

          .3rd job: A water filter company. Making 2000 boxes per day, slapping countless labels and doing other workers' chores...also cleaning the whole exterior landscape of the warehouse. One day, I was tired but still tried to do work, the supervisor fired me for that.

          However, at the end of that summer, I did find a stable job at an opening restaurant and also got a offer from an Electrical car manufacturer as a wire solderer, but summer ended so I did not go.
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