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Successes in Serials, ABC strickes back

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  • Successes in Serials, ABC strickes back

    Tele-Postcard from France with 20 Minutes daily free newpaper

    Back to its 2nd rank behind CBS and again ahead of NBC, ABC has again some of the right formulas in terms of serials to lure viewers back. Until then, the TV channel was more or less in the doldrums after a period of glory fueled by "Charlie's Angels", "Starky & Hutch" and "Happy Days" in the 70s. The channel never gave up and tried again by releasing "NYPD Blues" and then "Alias". But these features couldn't compete on equal terms with competing ones despite their qualities. Now ABC looks getting back some of its luster thanks to "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost".
    First hit is "Desperate Housewives" crowned as the best Golden Globe series.
    Last September, and recording an average 21.6 million viewers, the feature was the best release all channels combined.
    To be locally released by Canal Plus starting next September, the five homemakers' adventures shake up the small screen and add some misery to rivals ranging from leading CBS to HBO which record constant loss of audiance.
    Other ABC's today success story spells as "Lost", the adventures of a plane crash survivors. Costing $5.00 million to produce, the pilot proved to be the most expensive ever produced in small screen history. High in the Top Ten ever since, "Lost" lures an average 17.5 million viewers.
    Endared by this turn of luck again on its favour, ABC has ordered a flurry of pilots to JJ.Abrams, the man behind it. A director/producer and screenwriter, JJ Adams has been recently picked up by Tom Cruise to direct Mission Impossible 3, but will also stay behind some key projects including "The Catch" featuring the whereabouts of a bounty hunter, "Pros & Cons" depicting how is the going for a team of forgers and "What About Brian", a 30 year old or so single's story. A nice program.

    Well I am almost already drolling on the bounty hunter and the forgers and get another reason I wish I was in the US...

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