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  • Firefox and XP Pro

    Does anyone have probems running Firefox with and XP Pro system? I've tried to put it on my new system and it will install, but when I try and save bookmarks or make adjustments, it won't let me. Just wondering if anyone else is having this same problem?

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    No but ever since this new board got installed, I cant copy or paste into forums with mozilla.


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      None so far.
      I once had a crash but it was because of misconfiguration.


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        I havent had any problems with FF and XP Pro / SP2.

        Could it be a permissions problem?


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          What is a permissions problem?


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            Originally posted by MRozinka
            What is a permissions problem?
            I haven't looked at how FF is setup, or gone though many of its options, but if files are saved outside of your directory on XP, (ie; c:\programfiles\firefox\ insted of c:\documents and settings\yourname\) and you don't have administrator or other permission to the other directory, it could not allow the files to be created/saved/whatever.

            Just a guess..


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              My XP crashed because of a virus.


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                What do you mean it won't let you save bookmarks or make adjustments... Need more info...

                Personally, I highly recommend FireFox... I switched maybe four or five months ago, and I think it beats the snot outta IE... I was having problems with pop up software, browser hijacks, etc... It all went away with FF, and FF seems to run and load measurably faster than the service-packed-to-death IE browser I was using...

                Occasionally I will run up on a site that uses Active-X (which FF doesn't support) so I keep IE handy just in case... But I hope FF gives Microsoft a long deserved scare!


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                  It lets me download and install the program. When I open it up and go to save some bookmarks, the bookmark icon thing pops up, I hit save and it stays open. I can close it manually, but it won't close like it should after I hit "ok." If I close out Firefox and then reopen it, all my bookmarks are gone. Then If I try and go to personal preferences and try and make changes, it gives me an error saying that no changes will be made and it will revert to the default on closing it out again. Weird. I never had any problems on my old machine that had XP home.