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  • Best/worst movies

    Worst: Contact, all Airbud series, any kids movie.

    Best: Some James bond, Catch me if you can, Royal Tennebaums.

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    best: rocky horror, repo man, spinal tap, airplane(less 2, but that was also good), zoolander, and MST3K: the movie(this island earth)

    worst: malaboo's most wanted(my mom accidentaly went to see it, and i was forced to sit through it on HBO at a freinds :'(), hitch(OFMG... i REALY regreat seeing this).... i can think of probably more, but not at the moment :P
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    please excuse my horendus mangeling of the english language, its only my first :P


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      Green Mile, Forrest Gump, Hurricane, Enter the Dragon, A bridge too Far.


      Don't have one yet. Whenever I don't like a movie, I stop watching it.
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        Best: Forrest Gump, Lord of the Rings, Catch me Can

        Worst: Gigli, Harry Potter Movies
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          Originally posted by babypurin
          Worst: Gigli, Harry Potter Movies
          I knew I forgot something! Oh yeah, anything with jenifer Lopez to, Doesnt work when someone can sing then acts or when someon acts then sings (like hilary duff or lindsay lohan)

          And Any Disney movie.


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            I pretty much like all movies, I have never really seen a bad movie.
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              good: Forrest gump, schindler's never happens to me, but I left a tear at the ending, star wars

              bad: harry potter, dangerous minds, basic instinct
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                Best: Office Space, Executive Decision, Monty Python and the Holy Grail,
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                  Most Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, Cecil B.DeMille, John Struges, James Bond flicks, All Pixar Animations, Jungle Book revisited by Disney,
                  -Airport 1 starring Dean Martin, Burt Lancaster, Van Helfen, R.Kennedy, Jacqueline Bisset, Jean Seaberg and the Boeing 707
                  Armagedon, Starship Troopers, quite a few British films including the Kordas brothers' releases, Star Wars series. Ocean's Eleven and Twelve. Lost in Translation.
                  list goes on
                  Most Jean-Luc Goddard's, Fellini's, sequels of good blockbusters and more
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                    Good Movies:

                    Forrest Gump, Office Space, Apollo 13, Super Troopers, Airplane, The Shining, The Last Samurai, The Shawshank Redemtpion, Shrek 1 and 2, Cast Away, All the Austin Powers movies, Top Gun (gotta put it in there as I loved that movie when I was little), Elf, History of the World (Mel Brooks)...and I'm sure I'll find more to add

                    Movies that Sucked:
                    Titanic, all the matrix movies...uhh..I'll add more to this later. I dont really have many bad movies that I've seen because usually if I think its going to suck, I dont watch it.


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                      Movie that sucked= Chicago


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                        Top Gun, Jaws, Apollo 13, Keving & Perry Go Large, Contact, Italliian Job (original), James Bond (most of them), Titanic (Kate Winslet), Open Water + many others


                        Too many to list!

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                          Anything from Monty Python, Cannonball 1 (2 not so much), Naked Gun 1, 2 1/2,
                          Hot Shots, most Buddy & Terence movies, Top Gun, Jurassic Park I, Police Academy I, II and III, Rocky I, Matrix I, Speed I, ID4, Schindler's Liste, American Pie I-III, Airplane! , Airport 70, Spielberg in general, Terminator I, Blues Brothers

                          Bad: Police Academy IV-VII, all other Rocky movies, all Halloween movies, Titanic, mostly due to that ridiculuous sentence "The Titanic will sink!" (well, duh!), Nightmare on Elms Street, all other Airport movies, B- or C-movies that run on the secondary networks from 10 pm on

                          Could come up with more, but too tired to think about all of them


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                            I know I am most likely moving against the mass when I say LOTR sucks! I just dont like these sort of unrealisric movies while many of my friends totally love this stuff. On the other hand what movie is realistic nowadays...!?

                            I like action, Bad Boys 2, Die Hard and Blackhawk Down are high up my list....
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                              Originally posted by philip
                              I know I am most likely moving against the mass when I say LOTR sucks! I just dont like these sort of unrealisric movies while many of my friends are totally love this stuff.
                              i'm totally with you on that!
                              Suche gut gebaute 18-30 Jährigen zum schlachten.
                              - Metzgermeister