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    Whatever you do, don't go to the South East of Spain, like Alicante and Benidorm. It truely is the worst place i've ever been, the beaches had big factories on them and there wasnt a spare square meter to stand on in some of the beaches!!!

    If you want somewhere good i'd have to recommend around Cagliari in Sardegnia, the beaches are nice and empty there and there's good scenery too.


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      Northern Scotland had fine beaches I hear? :P


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        Yeah if you dont mind the -45C water temp


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          Some value recommandations
          - Avoid travelling in July and August whichever the place under consideration, either go in June at the latest or wait until September, the latter wins my vote as weather is usually still excellent, not always proven in June, temperatures are no longer scorching, the crowds are back home and prices don't soar on stratospheric levels the way they do in July and August. Should I would be a US traveller, this condition would be worth its weight in GOLD !!! Why ?
          - golden days of those fabled bargains are over .... except in Turkey and possibly in Croatia which is growingly termed as a new Lumbardy....
          - from the northeasternmost German resort to the Greek/Turkish border, you are right in Euro's territories... And when not, as with Scandinavia (except Finland) and the UK, you either get some places with also a strong currency or some new members eager to swap their current currencies with the Euro asap (Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia).
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            The best beaches I've been at were the beaches of the Atlantic ocean, near the little French village Mimizan Plage, in the département (county) of Landes, France. If you avoid the crowded beaches near the car parks and walk a little further you have kilometers of wide, sandy beaches for yourself. The ocean swell can be very dangerous though. And bring your own lunch, because there are no shops on the beaches. Behind the dunes there are vast pine forests..... a truly magnificent place.

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