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    Originally posted by wj_737_200
    For one concert (Our lady peace) they didn't check but I thought twice about bringing my camera (a small kodack advantix). But for the Tragically Hip concert I went too in november they were patting down everyone with big jackets. I was gonna crotch the body to my SLR and have my 70-300 lens in my shirt...but they'd wonder why i'd have a cylinder shaped uniboob.
    Guys, it wouldn't be that hard getting a longer lens into a concert stick it down your pants (so it looks like a hard-on) when someone frisks you, nod your head and lick your lips :P
    If all girls have the same idea of penis size as you, mankind is screwed!
    "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

    -- The LA Times, in a review of 'Flightplan'


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      Originally posted by indian airlines
      If all girls have the same idea of penis size as you, mankind is screwed!
      In this age of cosmetic and/or genetic modification ..... no problem!


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        went to the concert last night and having a camera in the 6th row would've been awesome. entry into the arena was uneventful...probably could've had the camera in my hand. i decided not to bring my cam to the show just to avoid the hassle of returning it to my car had i been stopped at the door. there were a few camera happy people around us, one guy was warned for using his, but several used camera phones without problems.

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