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Guy throws daughter, himself down the bridge

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  • Guy throws daughter, himself down the bridge

    The province’s Special Investigations Unit has now entered the fray, after that unthinkable incident above the 401 Sunday.

    A distraught father, believed to be in his 30s, deliberately dropped his five year-old daughter off the Don Mills overpass Sunday, then followed her over.

    He died. She miraculously survived, winding up without any broken bones and suffering only some brief internal bleeding at the Hospital for Sick Children. No car hit her while she lay prone on the busy highway.

    Police had originally claimed they weren’t able to get to the scene in time to prevent the tragedy. But now the S.I.U. claims cops were in touch with the man before the incident, forcing them to begin a probe into what actually happened.

    The drama began after the father, who appears to have had visiting rights to the child, phoned his estranged spouse and told her of his plans. She called police, but they claimed they couldn't find the disturbed man in time.

    As horrified motorists watched in disbelief, he grabbed the child clinging with all her might to his leg, and tossed her over the edge.

    Insp. Brian O’Connor described the suspect as a “loaded missile” and said he had a history of mental health issues.

    “He was going to kill himself and take his daughter to punish his wife for whatever he thought she had done wrong in the relationship,” he outlines. O’Connor calls the man made to his wife a form of “psychological torture,” and tried desperately to trace his cell phone.

    By the time they located him, it was already too late. Daren Deonarine was on his way back to London as he watched the drama unfold. He immediately pulled over and tried to offer aid to the young victim.

    "We saw that her eyes were open, she was breathing," he recalled. "So I got my kids' blanket and covered the child. She wanted to say something but I never really got any words out of her ... How that kid survived is beyond me."

    CityPulse has decided not to release any names of those involved, to protect the identity of the girl and her family.

    But Deonarine is sure there was a guardian angel watching over the youngster. "If she made it and this adult didn't make it," he remarked, "it can only be a miracle."

    The story, with video:

    Man, this is crazy stuff. Way to "punish" your wife, psycho

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    Sick basterd. Anyone who does that to childern deserves to die.


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      what a moron....just no words for the insanity of some people
      Suche gut gebaute 18-30 Jährigen zum schlachten.
      - Metzgermeister


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        The picture on the front of the Star is worth 1000 words.