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Mount St Helens Erupts Again

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  • Mount St Helens Erupts Again

    SPOKANE, WASHINGTON - Mount St. Helens in Washington state has erupted, sending a plume of steam and ash 7,600 metres into the air.

    Government scientists say they measured an earthquake of magnitude 2.0 beneath the mountain when the first plume of smoke went up Tuesday.

    The volcano has been active in previous months. A minor eruption lasted 24 minutes last October, sending up 3,000 metres of steam and ash. The U.S. Geological Survey detected magma moving below the surface, along with the increased presence of gases such as carbon dioxide, indicating a violent explosion but nothing happened.

    It grew a dome top 80-stories high in December, which began expanding at a rate never seen before by scientists studying the volcano. Infrared images showed fresh lava was rising at temperatures of almost 800 C.

    At the time, scientists said it would take 11 years before erupting the way it did back 1980, killing 57 people and covering towns more than 400 kilometres away with ash.

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    I hate the local news. The big girl farts, so they make a giant deal about it for hours. Damnit, I don't want Dennis Bonds, I want Brian Williams!
    Pop quiz: Which US president said, "Saddam Hussein has spent the better part of this decade, and much of his nation's wealth, not on providing for the Iraqi people, but on developing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them."
    George W. Bush is not correct. It was Bill Clinton in his 1998 State of the Union speech. HMMMMMMMMM.


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      Originally posted by wannabepilot777
      The big girl farts
      That's disgusting


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        I'll call it newsworthy if there is an actual big eruption, not just some small lava flow combined with a large cloud. The Etna has that almost every day, and it never makes the news.


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          I have to agree... if all it's doing is sending out smoke then let it be. Shouldn't they be following up on the 772LR?? Now if they see Lava pouring out then hell yes let everyone know about it!
          In every organization, there will always be one person who knows what's going on. This person must be fired.


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            I stoppped following the story after the first few 'big' stories that turned out to be nothing. All that hype for nothing!


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              They make a huge deal about Mt. Saint Helens erupting for the first time but you never here anything about Kilauea in Hawaii, which has been erupting non stop since 1983. It is by far a more exciting and newsworthy volcano.
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