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More violence here in Canada

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    How come there are frequently 14, 15, and 16 year olds stealing cars in BC and either killing themselves, their friends/joyride passengers, or other motorists?

    Kids doing that kind of thing out here is unheard of. Can't they find something better to do?


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      It looks rodeo drivings are fashionable everywhere. Now allow me some ironics.
      As termed to in France, RODEOS consist of getting a party of snappers with the median age of 15. As some distractions must be provided to those little cherubs undergoing a miserable life in far flung suburban areas (again not my problem, remember I did not ask them to come ), they steal cars and dart away. Off course, the resigning parents know how bad their school academics can be and how talented they are to grapple with a keyless car.
      And here we go with some street racing, with part of the latter in some unattended covered car park, here comes the rodeo, one of the teens cannot keep the steering under control and inevitably rolls it over .... Be sure the cop to be always wrong :bad:
      - in not being off the Petits-Merdeuxs' backs, how could they ? They usually get stoned from surrounding appartment blocks.
      - in not preventing the "race" to take place and let alone the rodeo-roll-over
      - in not being there and evacuate the (usually severly) wounded pr*ck
      or all at same time

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        Originally posted by Genessee
        It has ..

        This guy
        The guy with the knives
        Biker war starting?
        Couple gang shootings
        The guy off the b ridge with his daughter ..

        dont you forget about those 4 RCMP officers shot and killed by that asshole?


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          ...add the multiple sexual assualter in Mississauga (Dixie and Bloor) area who turned out to be a 16 year old


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            I'm to sensitive to view that video. It's kinda creapy
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              Canada does not have a crime problem. But we have a over reacting problem.

              A huge country with 30+ million people is bound to have stuff like this happen.

              Of course everyday there are some incidents happening but it does not mean that we should worry about it.

              As a Canadian, I am offended whenever I turn out the TV and all the news channels have is the usual depressing rant 24/7 about who died where and how.

              My questions to my fellow Canadians what? Things happen but to victimize yourself and to dwell on it is a very unhealthy obsession with the Canadian media.
              You only have one life...

              Make wise decisions and live freely.