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  • Fallen RCMP officers rememberd

    The Huge Memorial was yesterday night.
    Originally posted by The CBC
    Memorial honours Mounties 'who have given everything'
    Last Updated Thu, 10 Mar 2005 21:52:46 EST
    CBC News

    EDMONTON - As RCMP officers bowed their heads and blinked away tears, the haunting bugle notes of the Last Post hung over the final moments of a memorial service for four constables gunned down in the line of duty last week.

    Thousands of police officers, mourners and dignitaries gathered inside an Edmonton pavilion to honour Constables Peter Schiemann, Leo Johnston, Anthony Gordon and Brock Myrol in the largest memorial service in the Mounties' history.

    The officers were shot and killed while investigating stolen property and a marijuana grow operation last Thursday near Mayerthorpe, Alta. Their killer, James Roszko, also shot himself.
    RCMP Cpl. Joan Kuyp, RCMP Const. Joe Sangster, RCMP Const. Bethany Hoskin, and RCMP Const. Jason Lapointe (left to right), march the headdresses of their fallen fellow officers during a national memorial service. (CP photo)

    After two hours of eulogies and tributes, thousands of officers put on their hats and saluted four members as they carried the RCMP flag through the crowd, followed by the red-clad honour guard.

    "He just had good quirks. He was just helpful to everybody," said Const. Mark Heathcote, who trained with Brock Myrol.

    As many as 10,000 police officers from across the country and the United States crammed into the University of Alberta's Butterdome Thursday to witness the ceremony, which was broadcast nationally.

    Gov. Gen. Adrienne Clarkson praised the Mounties' service during the two-hour memorial, urging all to "remember those who have given everything."

    "We are here as Canadians to give what consolation we can," she said, referring to the families of the officers. "We know you may feel no consolation is possible yet we offer it all the same."

    Prime Minister Paul Martin said all Canadians owe a debt to the four men.

    "We are left numb that a single act of hate has affected so many lives, caused so much grief," he said.

    "They have fallen in service to us."

    Friends, family offer moving tributes

    Family and friends of the four officers also remembered the men in moving tributes, describing their pride in belonging to the RCMP, then standing silently in front of the men's portraits for one last goodbye.

    Schiemann's father, Rev. Don Schiemann, said his son had told him a year ago that if something ever happened to him, he wanted people to hear about Jesus and hear about hope.

    "Const. Peter Schiemann, my son, I carried out your wish this afternoon," he said.

    "Peter, we will see you in heaven, but we can hardly wait," he said.

    Const. Lee Johnson said his brother Leo fought to the end and that he would always think of his twin sibling as "my brother, my best friend and the most important person in my life."

    Const. Barrie Baskerville spoke of Gordon, evoking his 28-year-old friend's competitive nature and big heart, his love for his wife, young son and unborn child.

    "He was a friendly giant of a man," Baskerville said of his six-foot-four friend. "He had a big smile and a bigger heart."

    Rev. Art Hundeby, speaking of Myrol, who had only recently graduated, said the 29-year-old always set the bar high and then leaped over it.

    "Brock wanted to make a difference. He so desired to be part of the solution and that's why he decided a career with the RCMP was the next bar to jump."
    (CBC/Katherine Walker)

    The memorial service was marked by performances by Ian Tyson, Susan Aglukark and Tom Jackson. Tyson played an acoustical version of his song Four Strong Winds; Aglukark sang the 1970s Fleetwood Mac song Songbird and Jackson sang Amazing Grace.

    In Mayerthorpe, residents gathered around TV sets and radios to watch or listen to the memorial.

    "There are going to be a lot of sad days ahead for a lot of us," said Leo Bablitz, who owns a hardward store in town.

    Thousands march 1 km to memorial

    Earlier, the four brown Stetsons of the officers were carried through a solemn sea of red serge and gently set below the slain Mounties' portraits.

    The officers bearing the hats on black pillows walked side by side inside the Butterdome before placing them on four RCMP horse blankets, which lay in front of the official portraits of the dead officers.

    The officers all close friends of the slain Mounties then saluted their fallen comrades.

    Earlier, thousands of serge-clad Mounties, led by some on horseback, solemnly marched. Police officers from across Canada and the U.S. also joined the procession that meandered one kilometre down the street from a city park to the Butterdome.

    Smaller services were being held across Canada.

    * FROM MARCH 9, 2005: Man who shot officers made calls to CBC: RCMP

    People in Edmonton offered up their homes as police arrived into the city Wednesday. So many residents have opened their homes for visiting officers, the RCMP has had to ask them to stop calling.

    So sad, I send my condolences to there familys and friends.

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    Originally posted by ACman
    The Huge Memorial was yesterday night.

    So sad, I send my condolences to there familys and friends.
    SO DO I , RIP

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      May they rest in peace. Its really sad how young all of them were.


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