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Judge Judy: Hard hitting judge or....

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  • Judge Judy: Hard hitting judge or....

    Evil b*tch bot from the Dark side? Okay, this has been on my mind for a while now (don't ask why, I don't even know why) but whats your opinion on her. Sure some cases she sets the litigants straight and they get what they deserve but other times she can get mean and ignorant to anything that she's never heard of. Her show is classic case of a trainwreck, you know you shouldn't look but you can't help but stare.

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    Originally posted by wj_737_200
    Her show is classic case of a trainwreck, you know you shouldn't look but you can't help but stare.
    Trainwreck, I thought they said that about boobs...

    On topic though, I don't watch the show.
    "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

    -- The LA Times, in a review of 'Flightplan'


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      Geez, I haven't watched any of those "Judge "-shows since I studied ... that said, I feel like paraphrasing Adrian Cronauer/Robin Williams "She is in more dire need of a blowjob than any white woman in history" ... either that or its a constant state of PMS. She has emotional issues.

      That said, I always got a good laugh or three out of it thought the SNL parodies where even better (especially the one where she appeared).



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        I don't really have much respect for her. It's not that hard to be loud and make a career out of it.

        I wonder who is more famous? Judge Judy or Kofi Annan? Probably the one that gives the majority what they want, such as the spectacle and thrill of a 'smackdown'.

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          I'm not a big of her. First off all those cases are paid for by the TV show. Even if the defendant loses they don't pay a dime the show does. So right off the bat itís to fake for me. But your right itís a train wreck can't help not watch sometimes.


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            Did you ever see any of the new judge shows? I sware there so fake. This whole judge type shows have been taken to far.


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              Sometimes i wonder why they even put those shows on TV...?
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