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The most vile and disgusting videos/pics on the internet.

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    I go to ogrish all of the time. The thing is with videos of beheadings etc. it almost amazes me on how one person can do that to another human being. It almost gives me a kick in the ass about how it is in other countries. Then medical malformalities actually really fascinate me. IMO it shows me what the human body can do to itself ( I hope you know what I mean). But one thing I still can't watch is animals being killed / tortured etc. Humans don't bother me, unless it's a kid or baby, but animals I just can't watch being hurt.


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      I guess its because animals are denfeseless.


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        I'm into ogrish because it's opened my eyes up to the nasty things that go on throughout the world, also it satisfies my natural human curosity to see things that are normally kept under raps.

        Also the forum is the bomb, it's relaxed as ever and it's bustling with 20-30 people on average at one time in each catagory. And the people arn't "scary" or anything either.


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          I used to go to and but last year, I completely stopped going there.

          The Reason: It just does not seem right watching sickening images especially those involving living things. I have a strong stomach but some of them images leave an imprint in my head for a day or two and that is something I don't like.
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            aic1985 lets go back in ay? I'll hold your hand as well. Come on! you can do et!


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              well i found some clips from, and actually its not that vile nor disgusting, but i found this, its about a cop talking about safety and what not,

              you guys got to see this, you would shake your head ...

              " and dont worry,tis gun in not loaded I repeat NOT loaded ..."
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