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'Unhappy' man throws all his belongings out the window in HK

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  • 'Unhappy' man throws all his belongings out the window in HK

    Talk about anger management.....
    In US, there may be shootings all the time, but this is how you vent off your frustration in HK

    A young man in his 20's apparently threw everything he could move out his 36th-floor appartment window in Hong Kong on March 26. Everything from clothes, papers, TV, microwave, fan, computer, chairs, mattress,...even the toilet seat and mirror were thrown out the window over 2hrs time and debris were spread all over the ground below. Cops eventually rushed into the appartment and sudued him. The young man only said he was 'unhappy' and refused to say more. It's probable that he had a fight with his girlfriend. Families and neighbours say he's usually a 'nice and gentle' boy and didn't understand his sudden strange behaviour.

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    So, in US you shoot someone, in Japan you threaten to kill yourself unless given sushi and in Hong Kong you throw your stuff out the window.
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      Originally posted by HKG-YUL
      even the toilet seat


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        He must be really 'unhappy' ... lol
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          By the way, it's not this guy's own appartment....he lives with his family, so his family is really miserable now: no TV, no bed, no clothes, no chairs,.....apparently only a sofa, the fridge and some heavy cupboard is all that's left in the house!


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            unhappy and depressed I guess ...
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              Originally posted by HKG-YUL
              no TV
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