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*important* for any one in medical field (question)

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  • *important* for any one in medical field (question)

    Hello, I have a question for anyone who is in the medical field, or has a knowledge in it. This is regarding the (Medical College Admission Test) MCAT. My question is, when do you have to take that test? I was doing some research on it, and one site stated that you should take it during Junior year...usually April of junior year. But what it didn't say is, April of Junior year in College...or in High School? and if you screw up in April, you can take it again in August ...anyone know about this?
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    According to the MCAT student manual,

    "Medical School admission officers usually suggest that you take the test in the calendar year prior to the year which you enter medical school."

    BTW this is in college.

    Note: In a few years the MCAT will be shortened.
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      Talha.... My sister took it. Its in your College years. You can take it anytime during the 4 years of college. Althought its recommended that you take it junior year, so you can start the med school application process in your senior year. And if you screw up on the April test, you cant take it in August I belive, becuase you get your results after the August registration deadline. My sister took it in April, missed the passing score by 1 point and took it next April!
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        Thanks for the information guys! Alright, so i don't have to worry about this for a few years now
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