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Im (so is Avianca757) "blessed"

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    Originally posted by avro_arrow_25206
    NOOOO why did you post that link?

    Now I got that tune stuck in my head for the next two weeks!

    That'd be a really cool ringtone!


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      Originally posted by UA-F9 Guy
      I saw em here

      (disregard the url doesnt reflect the content)
      w00haa....i don't need the stuff that is illegal in 99% of the world anymore..this is cheaper
      Suche gut gebaute 18-30 Jährigen zum schlachten.
      - Metzgermeister


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        Originally posted by UA-F9 Guy
        I dont know what they are from but they are called domokuns (sp?) i think they may be from an older video game
        It IS domokun :P Although there's only one Domokun... I don't know about the games, but he has his own anime (Japanese cartoon)
        Despite the fact that I consider myself a big anime nerd/fanatic, I haven't watched domokun... and after seeing all this, I think I just might go insane if i do :lmao:


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          Well I'm not that catholic, but if it'd certainly be good if it was true.
          I just hope I'm blessed enough like for having my hard disk or at least a replacement soon!
          I'm getting tired of Cafe Internet already.

          About the Pope... it's sad he's dead, he was a good man (although I repeat I'm not that catholic). I just didn't agree on his thoughts about sexuality and venereal diseases, but yes indeed, a good man overall.

          I'm blessed! (hope)