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Problems with the Vet (pets)

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  • Problems with the Vet (pets)

    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone had a complaint similar to this one.... I brought my cat ("Critter"- named after Value Jet) to the vet a few days ago.... I thought initialy that everything was cool, but after a few days of being home, now he has fleas... Not alot right now, but im sure it could be a problem if gone unchecked..... Critter is a year old now and is an indoors cat, and hes never had a flea problem before, and he has been to another vets office.... I'm sure he didn't get fleas from the Jeep, so this leaves me to think that he was in a "dirty cage" or near a cat that had fleas...... Would you complain?? Or does this happen often??? Not like its a really big deal, but maybe they dont realize they have a flea problem??

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    I'd mention it. It would be hard to prove though so I wouldn't get really upset with the Vet over it or make accusations.

    I had a cat come back from getting dental work done and he was very odd for a few weeks after. Even my other cat seemed freaked out by him after he came home. They'd go nuts if they got close to each other. Off topic .. Just thought i'd throw it in.


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      It's all in how you say it. I'm sure the vet stands to benefit from you telling him/her as well. I find that in situations like that it helps when you laugh about it while you'Re telling him/her. That way they know that your're not mad at them, and that you're basically just sharing what you have observed, for the benefit of the animals. Chuckling about it takes the edge off, so the vet won't feel like he/she's being blamed.

      Fleas jump from animals to animals, so it's possible that it came from an animal in a nearby cage or perhaps another animal was in the cage before critter was. It happens. Fleas aren't that bad unless it's medieval Europe, and they come from rats.