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Outrageous Gas Prices - Highest Youve Seen?

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    I paid 96.9p a litre at a BP garage on the M1 the other day on the way down to LHR. My fault for giving my car the best unleaded possible (BP ultimate), and the most expensive i've ever paid for a litre of petrol.


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      Highest I've seen is $1.053 per litre here in Vancouver... the further east you go in Greater Vancouver the cheaper it gets. I think in the valley (Surrey to Abbotsford) it's between 80 and 90 cents per litre.


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        I'm still doing the veggie oil thing.

        My car takes 60 liters of diesel, which at 1.07 Euros would normally cost 64,20 Euros to fill up. But I mix and match fuels to save money. Here's what my last fill up looked like:

        30 liters of standard diesel @ 1.07/L = 32.10 Euros
        10 liters of canola oil @ 0.75/L = 7.50 Euros
        15 liters of filtered used deep fryer oil @ free = 0 Euros
        5 liters of regular gasoline (to reduce viscosity) @ 1.20/L = 6.00 Euros

        Total for fill up = 45.60 Euros
        Price per liter = 0.76 Euros
        Total saved = 18.60 Euros

        I can actually go way higher in the percentage of free, used deep fryer oil, but I'm currently not running a heat exchanger in my fuel system, cause I'm in the middle of changing a bunch of stuff. After I do the mods, I'll be on up to around 75% free fuel again.

        I hate high fuel prices, but I think they are good in the short run cause it will hopefully get people think about what the term "efficiency" means.