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  • Birthday!

    That's right. And this topic is all mine.

    4/14/86 the US bombed Libya, 4/14/88 the USSR withdrew from Afghanistan and 4/14/87 I was born. Which imo is more important.


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    Happy Birthday Greg

    I hope you'll have a great day that you'll never forget !!

    Btw. whats wrong with the "Official Birthday Thread" ??

    take care and have fun !!!

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      Originally posted by OY-KBN
      Btw. whats wrong with the "Official Birthday Thread" ??
      Greg is self glossing John
      Happy 18th Greg!
      Suche gut gebaute 18-30 Jährigen zum schlachten.
      - Metzgermeister


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        Happy Birthday Greg



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          Tillykke med fødselsdagen, as we say in Denmark Or plain English: HAPPY B-DAY, man!

          Originally posted by kaddyuk

          God i'm hansome!

          Happy Birthday mate!
          I like the people in the background, pointing with the bat "OMG, it's gonna bomb us!"


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            Originally posted by jannichan
            "OMG, it's gonna bomb us!"
            Uhm ok

            no ik kidding
            as he's supposed to be answering back and hit that little ball up ??

            not much of a chance to survive..would there ??
            Inactive from May 1 2009.


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              Originally posted by kaddyuk
              What are they playing in the background anyway? Lacrosse?

              anyway, I was the first to promote your picture in the Official Birthday Thread for your birthday, Greg


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                Heres the catch on that

                Once a year we celebrate
                With stupid hats and plastic plates
                The fact that you were able to make
                Another trip around the sun

                And the whole clan gathers round
                And gifts and laughter do abound
                And we let out a joyful sound
                And sing that stupid song

                Happy birthday!
                Now you're one year older!
                Happy birthday!
                Your life still isn't over!
                Happy birthday!
                You did not accomplish much
                But you didn't die this year
                I guess that's good enough

                So let's drink to your fading health
                And hope you don't remind yourself
                The chance of finding fame and wealth
                Decrease with every year

                Does it feel like you're doing laps
                And eating food and taking naps
                And hoping that someday perhaps
                Your life will hold some cheer

                Happy birthday!
                What have you done that matters?
                Happy birthday!
                You're starting to get fatter
                Happy birthday!
                It's downhill from now on
                Try not to remind yourself
                Your best years are all gone

                If cryogenics were all free
                Then you could live like Walt Disney
                And live for all eternity
                Inside a block of ice

                But instead your time is set
                This is the only life you get
                And though it hasn't ended yet
                Sometimes you wish it might

                Happy birthday!
                You wish you had more money
                Happy birthday!
                Your life's so sad it's funny
                Happy birthday!
                How much more can you take?
                But your friends are hungry
                So just cut the stupid cake


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                  Happy Birthday Greg...
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                    Thanks guys. I've had a great day.

                    Unfortunately some of the people I would like to see today are in Toronto... :P


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                      Happy Birthday Greg!!! I get to celebrate mine this Saturday!!! You know all the great ones were born in April, hehe


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                        Happy birthday.
                        My photos on


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                          WHile this is some nice self glossing Greg... It doesnt even compare to what you will be seeing from Master Adam

                          Happy Birthday man!


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                            Happy lets go to Mexico and get wasted!


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                              Congrats Greg, enjoy .
                              Thanks for visiting
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