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Dirty glass in scanner

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  • Dirty glass in scanner

    I have Officejet 7130xi and the glass is too dirty. Because I scan a pix and the

    worst quaity with white dots.

    What can I do? use a cloth to clean the glass? or use a lens cloths?

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    use a hose, no dont.

    Visit if you fancy


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      For just about anything glass I use a blue-ish gel stuff that is sold for monitors/tv screens.

      "Monster" makes it as well as several other companies. The Monster branded stuff costs WAY too much though (As all "Monster" brand crap does). The stuff is VERY nice and never streaks. It comes with or with out a rather nice micro-fiber lint free cloth.

      The bottles all look the same regardless of brand name (Most likely its the same manufacturer). I haven't seen the "Maxell" branded one in ages, but alot of smaller computer shops here (So I don't know why they wouldn't elsewhere) have it under various other names.

      Alternately I use Windex. Original blue or the Orange scented one depending on mood

      Or take it out back and get the hose....