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    Only better job you can move to expensive place like in HK.


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      Originally posted by ACman
      Congrats, why did you move? Is it nice?
      Sorry Kevin, just read over this thread and realized that I missed your question.

      I moved for several reasons, in part because of a desire to be a bit closer to my father whose health is slowly deteriorating (I grew up in Norway) as well as a very strong longing for Europe and also because I can easily get a very well paying job here... (what can I say, I'm a capitalist and money rules!) That said, I can do without the taxes in Norway but the social welfare system and government services is overall at a very high level (for example, there are no tuition fees at Norwegian universities).

      Love it here though - its nice to be back though things have changed a bit since 1995 (naturally).

      If anybody's interesting I'm still doing what I was doing, that is, I'm still in the financial field. Starting my new job here on Monday (so much for my dream of actually getting some time off, then again, in Norway you get 5 weeks of vacation (compared to 2 in Canada)).

      Hope you brought pictures of Michel Leblanc and Robert Milton with you
      Umm... I could come up with a witty and ... umm... well... slightly perverted response but I'll let it be for now...