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CNN says: White smoke rose from the Sistine chapel

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      Originally posted by CaptainJackSparrow
      He's not a Nazi, his father was a staunch anti-nazi. He only joined the Hitler Youth aged 14, because membership was made compulsory in 1941, and he wanted out the first chance he could get, and quickly won a dispensation on account of his training at a seminary. Under Hitler, Ratzinger says he watched the Nazis twist and distort the truth, he has and remains to this day someone who despises everything they stood for.

      So no, he's not a Nazi at all, I wish some people here would read up on stuff before hurling mud and labelling people.
      Just to follow up on this thought...
      His father was an active opponent of national socialism (ie: anti-Nazi) that his family had to move often during Ratzinger's childhood. Ratzinger himself was only in Nazi Youth for a few months, then withdrew at the first chance he could get, like you said.


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        Is it just me or have others noticed Pope Benedict XVI is strikingly similar in appearance to the actor Anthony Hopkins? If there is a photo of the pope at Anthony's age i swear the'd look like clones.


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          .... mess, that's just scary, man! I hadn't noticed before... but I certainly have now! That really is kind of scary... but cool too