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    A new political party released its platform ahead of the upcoming British Columbia privincial election. Have a look:
    The Sex Party had its public unveiling here yesterday, releasing a platform in advance of the May 17 provincial election that calls for an end to society's prudish approach to sexuality. It promises increased sex education in schools, including urging teens to explore their bodies through masturbation, more designated public areas for nudists, liberalization of prostitution laws and less censorship of porn videos and DVDs.
    want some more?
    The party, which has two declared candidates and will have more on the ballot by election day, would also change Victoria Day to Eros Day "to celebrate and encourage sex-positive expression" and proclaim Valentine's Day an official holiday.
    I wish them good luck in the election

    the newspaper article:

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      Giggity giggity!

      Thats messed up, getting teens to "explore" themselves. Yes, more teen mothers is needed

      The Sex Party is also promising unique fundraising events, including an evening featuring erotic art, a nude photo shoot and a live sex performance.

      "I'm wholly in support of more sexual awareness in society," said Joanna Holmes, 22, who will make love to her husband while others watch in a performance entitled Sex in a Box. "We have to remove the fear that we have of it."
      Yeah, and where will you hold this??? Who will let you?


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          Sorry, but the Marijuana Party will probably get much more support than the Sex Party in British Columbia.