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US National Defence Department "lost" USD$100billi

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  • US National Defence Department "lost" USD$100billi

    According to report, major financial scandal at the national defence department in the US, at least USD$100billion went "missing".

    But this is nothing new. The entire nation was in shock after they found out that a toilet in The Pentagon costs USD$640.

    According to GAO report, this is the 7th year that the Pentagon is unable to hand out a "complete" financial report.

    Beside this, at least 56 fighterjets, 32 tanks, 36 anti-missile tanks system went missing as well.

    Donald Rumsfield has asked all Pentagon staff to "cost-cutting", which saves approx 5%, US$20billion.
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    Hmmm...I replaced my toilet seat for less than $20. Kinda makes me wonder where my tax dollars are going.


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      With this info in mind it's a no brainer why the govt. is running a budget deficit. Looks easy to reduce if you ask me, or so it seems....


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        The money isn't actually lost of course, that's just reporters adding up things in the version of the budget they're given (which is sanitised to remove sensitive data) and coming up short.

        That money is going to black programs that aren't part of the official budget documents.
        In part it's explained away IN the public documents by such things as $1000 toilet seats and $200 cupholders, but most is simply not reported anywhere.


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          Hey, I have sat on one of those $1ooo seats and they are REALLY nice.


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            I'd rather sit on the $20 seats and buy myself something nice for $980!
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              Typically, the funding for 'Black Programs' is usually hidden within budget requests, usually under a non-descript allocation within another allocation. With a military as large and spread out as the U.S.'s, it would be easy for stuff to get misplaced; I mean we've literal left equipment in countries so we wouldn't have to pay to have it shipped back. There's no telling how much of this missing $$$ is related to the ongoing "War On Terrorism (TM)" and the campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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                Originally posted by JeffinDEN
                Hey, I have sat on one of those $1ooo seats and they are REALLY nice.
                Was it padded?


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                  Isn't there this golden toilet in hong kong where you have to pay 300 dollars just to use it?

                  Hmmm......if only I had 920 bux with me right now....let alone 100 billion!!!