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Question regarding rental cars in the US

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  • Question regarding rental cars in the US

    Why in the blue hell to I have to be at least 25 years old to get a rental car, yet I'm still legal to drive at age 99?!? I was hoping to (finally) make a trip to the US again later this year, on my own, driving JAX-LAS and back, but I had to find out the minimum age is 25 years to get a rental car. Can anybody explain why this is the case, especially given that in the US you can make your drivers license at 16?

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    Insurance costs for the compaines. Happens to all of us here in the US also its not just you. Just look around some rentals are 21 a just a handful are 18.


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      Most rental agencies in Canada also have a minimum age rule as well. Alot have exceptions like you can drive a car at a younger age if it's rented with someone else who is above their set age, as long as the other person is in the car with you.


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        wich companies rent out to 18-year olds? I am planning on visiting the US this year (perhaps twice) and I would like to drive there (provided I get my driverslicense in time).


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          Drivers under 25 represent a serious risk to property owned by the rental companies and a risk to other drivers and their property. It's the reality of auto insurance I'm afraid.

          Try Enterprise... they rent to drivers over the age of 21, you just pay an extra fee per day if you are between 21-25.

          I rented a car thru Enterprise in Orlando last spring when I was still 24... it cost a bit more but still got the rental.
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            Thanks for the info guys. About paying an extra fee at Enterprise, might be an alternative, but for 3 weeks in the US, that would kill all the money that I want to spend in Vegas. Still worth a thought for a shorter vacation.