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    WEll, people make bad desicions all the time, but I belive Johan's actions will only help this site! So I have to I to do the polite thing and simply say:


    have a nice time here, and even though it isn't my site, It is good to have you wiht us!

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    How many off you A.Net guys signed up here? When i signed off here last night there were 603 Registed Users now theres 635

    Again... Welcome Guys

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      Shall we set up a tent city for them?
      I walked across an empty land
      I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
      I felt the earth beneath my feet
      Sat by the river and it made me complete


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        I'm a refugee from the Empire of Darth Johan!


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          Originally posted by srbmod
          I'm a refugee from the Empire of Darth Johan!
          Just like I am, the memberlist is quite interesting! However, I still struggle a bit to get used to the looks of this forum, but I guess that's fairly normal.


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            Originally posted by Katamarino
            Shall we set up a tent city for them?
            Why? Watch my avatar: I brought my old tent with me ...

            Thanks for the warm welcome.
            Ahem, I'm still an member as well, because I don't know how to say "Good bye" to the folks over there, as I do not have access to the Non-Av forum.
            And then: I became soooo familiar with *sniff* ... but, yep, I think I will quit.
            The surest sign intelligent life exists elsewhere in universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.


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              Tents, but we must not move the tanks in the crush them if something bad happens. A flamewar starts however and things could be different. I guess is my happy welcome.


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                Originally posted by Katamarino
                Shall we set up a tent city for them?
                Didn't they just leave one?

                Let's move on up to High-rise condos in a downtown area!


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                  How bout duplexs in the burbs? I think that is a compromise.


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                    better yet to stick with the theme, make lots of cots for the refugees in a JP hangar!!!!I'm certain of all places, we would want to be refugees there!!! :P


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                      Did you leave

                      I have a question to the other refugees: Did you leave or are intending to do so? I think I won't, for two reasons: Johan might still reconsider the bollocks he did, and I want to be able to continue to enjoy the non-av forum at that point. Then, there are the occasional times I actually have to say something in Tech/Ops or elsewhere; I don't want to lose that either. Although the Civil Aviation forum is a tad whack with all the armchair airline CEOs taking quality to new lows... Make it FClass only to improve quality! :P

                      So, how 'bout you? Leaving or left, or kicked out?


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                        Well... his latest actions prove that he isn't the Socialists Nazi we all believed he was. He's a Capitalistic Pig!


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                          I haven't deleted my name because if the tide turns and the status quo is returned, I want to be able to use the site without having to line Johan's pockets. I don't plan on officially leaving unless Johan gets really stupid and makes all of the forums pay-per-posting. I'll just surf on by there and maybe drop a post or two if I feel like it. I've even removed the bookmark I had for the site.


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                            thx for welcome
                            i hope another community as diverse and global as the will in the long run grow here, especially since most peopel prefer jetphotos anyway for being "more up to date" due to the lesser requirements.

                            and well johan just showed his bad judgement on this issue. maybe because he listened to too certain people actually interested in getting those "unpatriotic pigs" and "anti american facists" off . just my feeling since.
                            either way i dislike since the fc membership introduction anyway, since it has led to nothing but a stop of influx of new people. i think closure of non av to people was just another step towards making money.
                            he can do whatever he wants to his site, naturally, but what bothers me is those people that make the page what it is(the people) are getting lied to/ fed with bs reasoning from a bogus poll where ANYONE was able to vote really...
                            *steam overflow valve closed*
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                              Welcome aboard guys! I also have done what many of you have done, forgot about and only gone into the forums to read the odd post and post a reply if need be. I stopped uploading there back in February and now am 100% loyal to, where here will have all my exclusive shots!

                              The decision to close the non-aviation forum at doesnt really affect me, as I never used to go in there anyway, but I know alot of people who will be affected by this, and I only hope they decide to make their future home!

                              This site is growing, and will continue to grow very rapidly in the future, so much so I personally predict will overtake within a matter of years (2-3 years), while during thsi time the quality at will have rocketed so much not even the real thing shoved in front of you will get onto their database.

                              Most members at were or are there because it is a site for their hobby that they enjoy, but Johan has taken it so far and turned it into a 'professionals' site, where only the select few who have the money to buy lots of top notch equipment can get shots on there. I dont care what anybody says its still the equipment you have that judges weather you get shots online there or not. I maen, its not every day a 14 year old school kid can afford a 10D, lenses, storage etc is it, nevermind just a basic SLR.

                              As I see it doesnt even give begginers in the hobby a chance, whereas does, and that chance may give them the morale to improve their photgraphy, and in time their uploads will improve along with quality.

                              I think im slightly turning this topic so i will leave this at that. And I will say again, Welcome refugees of!
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