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Looking to buy a new car. Any suggestions?

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  • Looking to buy a new car. Any suggestions?

    Hi folks,

    I've decided to buy a new car, if you guys have any suggestions I'd really like to hear them. I'm looking for a relatively cheap car (2003-2004) that is somewhat reliable and that is good on gas. So far I've got my eyes set on the Mazda Protege and the new Toyota Corolla. Any input?

    Thanks a bunch
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    Honda Civic Si. I think its just a great looking little car.

    They're $19,250 but you can get them much cheaper 'cause they don't seem to be selling well.


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      If you drive a lot look at a Volkswagen. I bought a 2002 Jetta as I drive 65,000k a year. I get 67 to 72 miles per gallon. If its gas you want I was looking at the Hyundai. The new Accents are pretty good and not a bad price.


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        Well I'm not a big fan of hatchback cars. But this one is better than most of the other hatchback i've seen. The Jetta is out of my league, too pricey here!
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          Re: Looking to buy a new car. Any suggestions?

          My family has owned two Proteges : the first one lasted twelve years and the second one (1.5 years old) has been trouble free so far, so I guess it's pretty safe. Most people I know who have got one are also satisfied. It would definately be one of my top picks. To me, the one we own (2001) does seem to have a slight tendency to eat gas, though.

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          Eagle may soar, but weasel never get sucked into jet engines


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            You're lucked out. We have a car dealer on these forums - LANCE!!!
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              He sells Chrysler's though. (I think)

              Protege's can take damage well. My mom has put it throough rigorous crash tests and it has came through relatively unscathed.


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                I have has a Mazda 323F (Protage 5) for 3years, Until i solt it! It was a brill car and for the money it has a lot of standard features and it costs for the basic US model $17315


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                  Thanks for the input guys. Apparently the Protege looks like a durable car, but the Corolla looks a tad nicer and is quite reliable also.
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                    Does it have to be a new car? Would you consider getting one used? You can get some awfully reliable cars that are only a few years old and for a slash of the cost you would pay for this or next year's model.


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                      Lance, has been out of town. Playing with his race motorcycle. I will post some photos later. I lost the race, but had some real fun. No, I did not road test my leathers. Lance owns a Chrysler dealership in Oregon. Buy one from me. No! Just kidding!


                      Here are two cars you should consider:

                      1997-2002 Ford Escort. Yes, I said a Ford Escort. Don't worry the 1997 and later Escorts are the Mazda Protege. The best part you can pick a 2002 Escort for $7,000.

                      1998-2002 Chevrolet Prizm. This is a Toyota Corolla with a Chevy bow-tie. The 2002 models will go for $8,000 to $9,000. You will save $2,000 by buying the Chevy over the Toyota.

                      I'm giving you the prices in US dollars. Since you live in Montreal, Qc. I would suggest you look at the Hertz Rental car lots in your area. Ooops! I should link the Hertz car sales lots in your area.The Mazda and Toyota Corolla are great choices, I think the Hondas are over priced and way over rated. The Neon is a good car, but for my my money the Prizm and the Escort are better bets.

                      Good Luck with the car.

                      Oh Yah. I drive a blue 2003 Dodge Caravan and a yellow 1974 AMC Hornet wagon. The Hornet is for my motorcycle racing habit. It matches my Triumph T595.


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                        If you can't afford a Jetta, consider the Golf...or maybe the Audi A3
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                          Hi Lance,

                          Thanks for that great post! Today I've visited 2 Toyota dealerships and asked to see the new Corolla, I really liked the car, it's spacious, good looking, relatively good on gas and apparently it's robust.

                          Right now I'm driving a Plymouth Neon Ex 98, it has 116,000 km on the odometer so that roughly translate into 72,000 miles. I'm very happy with it and it never had a problem, I just think it's time to change. The car is in great shape but has no options at all on it, do you know how much I could get from it roughly?

                          Thanks in advance
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                            Neons don't hold their value. Your 1998 Neon with 72K miles is a $3200 car. However look in the want ads of your local paper and go from there. Don't trade the car in, to a dealer the car is worth $1800 you are money ahead if sell the Neon yourself.

                            I understand the want of a new car, but for small sedans used is the way to go. The reason? MONEY! Buying a one to two year old car will save you somewhere between $2000 to $3000. Enough to take a nice vacation and lower insurance rates as well. These used cars come with warranties so there is no used car hassles to live with. Also those certified used cars at the big new car lots are ex-rentals. I would try the rental car company lots. There prices are very reasonable. Also some 2003 model Corollas should be on those lots, look around you will find something you like. All of these ex-rentals come with automatics, air, power windows so they are not "plain janes".

                            The two cars in the above post are the best values in this market. They are worth a test drive at the least. Even Consumer Reports recommends the Escort. The little Ford Escort has come a long way since the junker 1980s models.

                            Just avoid those public used auctions and I can't vouch for Ebay motors. A lot of those cars a rebuilds and should be avoided. Always CarFax the car you are about to buy and get it checked out by your mechanic BEFORE BUYING IT! It's worth the $50 or so to have your mechanic check the car out. If the dealer/seller objects to you taking the car to your mechanic just walk away from that car lot.

                            Most of all don't be in a hurry and remember the choice is yours. Don't let those salespeople get the best of you. Just relax and have fun.

                            All dollar amounts are US dollars.


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                              Great post Lance, thanks a bunch for all those informations! Right across the street from one of the Toyota dealership there was one used car dealership who had some pretty descent models, I even think that I saw a Corolla (Yeah I know i'm obsessed with it ) If they have an Escort I'll test drive it, maybe it'll fit me well but as for the Prizm, this car is not on the Canadian market ...or maybe it's a different name, it looks like a Malibu to me...

                              Once again Lance, thanks!
                              Eagle may soar, but weasel never get sucked into jet engines