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    -You can predict an airplane
    -If you respect an airplane, it will be good to you
    -Airplane skin doesn't wrinkle as badly
    -An Airplane won't criticize your performance
    -An Airplane doesn't care where you were last night
    -Airplanes don't know what money is
    -Airplanes don't get pregnant
    -Airplanes don't take forever to warm up
    -Airplanes don't spend hours in front of the mirror
    -Airplanes like to do it inverted
    -An Airplane doesn't insist that you shower before entering it
    -Airplanes don't talk back
    -Airplanes don't get headaches
    -Airplanes don't take half of everything
    -You can go down in an Airplane....Women just bring you down
    -An Airplane is cheaper to maintain
    -You don't get diseases from an Airplane
    -Airplanes have better s****s
    -Airplanes can be turned on by a flick of a switch
    -You can approach an Airplane from the rear
    -An Airplane won't smack you for being a "bush pilot"
    -You don't always have to be on top to ride an Airplane
    -An Airplane doesn't ask you to put on a raincoat before entry
    -You can easily leave an Airplane before sunrise
    -Airplane exhaust fumes smell better
    -Airplanes lose weight faster
    -An Airplane doesn't get mad when you "touch and go"
    -An Airplane's performance is seldom hindered by weather
    -An Airplane will not get mad when you ride somebody else's Airplane
    -An Airplane's cockpit is cleaner
    -You can calculate an Airplane's peak performance
    -An Airplane is easier to roll over
    -You can still activate a fifty year old Airplane
    -Airplanes don't lose their lubrication.
    -Airplanes don't droop after many years.
    -Airplanes are easy to love.
    -You don't have to sweet talk an Airplane.
    -An Airplane moves when you tell it to.
    -Airplanes give a better ride for the money.
    -A wide body Airplane is more attractive than a wide body woman is.
    -An Airplane will kill you quick, a woman takes her time.
    -An Airplane does not object to a preflight inspection.
    -An Airplane doesn't make you "pull-out" to eject.
    -You can change the looks of an airplane.
    -Airplanes come with manuals.
    -Airplanes can handle thrust better.
    -Airplanes don't scream.
    -A 747 can keep you up for 14 hours.
    -You can adjust an Airplane's attitude.
    -Women have more drag than lift.
    -Airplanes have strict weight and balance limits.
    -Airplanes have tray tables and ashtrays.
    Flying isn't dangerous. Crashing is wat's dangerous.