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One heck of a good cam for being a PS

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  • One heck of a good cam for being a PS

    So i got my GF a camera since she has been really getting into it, so i was playing around with it and got this shot:

    The camera is the new Konica Minolta Dimage Z20

    5.0 MP, 8x Optical zoom, nice price, like $329 or something at Wal-Mart, I would recommend the camera for anyone looking for a P&S.

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    nothing wrong with point and shoot cameras. SLR cameras really aren't for anybody who hasn't figured out how to make good pictures with a good point and shoot camera.


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      Hey what the heck.... might as well post one of my pictures taken with my Olympus C-725....(im still a noob at these flower shots)
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        i have a z3 and its amazing, well, no.. it sucks. it *would* be amazing if it wasnt so noisy(the lowest ISO[50] is probably noisier than ISO 800 on a Dreb... its painful).
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