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  • Relay For Life

    well Burnet hosted its first Relay for Life this past weekend. Overall it was a pretty big success. Got some pics of it. thought i would share them with y'all.
    the football field Friday morning. some of the NHS members (including me) helped set it all up.

    the view from the stage we set up. one of my friends trying to figure out the lighting.

    the survivors. i started choking up during that part.

    survivors and caretakers merging

    this was part of our site

    west end of the field


    east end

    and our site

    the new school being built not far from the current campus. my class will be the first to graduate from it next year!

    the luminaria service at about 11pm. emotional time for alot of people. what was cool about those luminaria bags in the stands, after a couple of hours, one was still burning while the others had gone out.

    when the lights came back on, it gave the field a greenish glow

    this shot says alot.

    then at about 330am a storm rolled through and everybody packed up except for a couple of groups.

    ...and again about 20-30 minutes later about 410am with the rain down to a drizzle.

    I was one of the last people there. I called my mom and she came and got me about 5. i got home and crashed and slept until 230pm saturday. my feet were still killing me.
    ....oh yeah, i managed to pull out 40 laps.

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    Great shots What a cool event. We do things similiar to that up here to raise money for the library or track team.
    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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      Relay for Life is an awesome cause. I commend you for participating, especially in the rain.


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        nice pics! relay for life is awesome because i went to it like last month i think..? but yeah it was at the track field and looked pretty much exactly like yours! all the tents in the middle and everything...mine was at afternoon to 7:00 am morning...they served us pizza at midnight!


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          Nice pics dude! Missed ours this year.... oh well there's always next year.

          PHNL747- awesome sig man! :wow: How do you do that in PSP?
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            you americans are sooo cute, poking an american flag in the ground between deck chairs (4th pic down).

            Also in the same image, looking at all those cars in the background anyone would think it's a NFWDC (National Four Wheel Drive Convection). Whats the bet not 1 of those 4*4's has seen a muddy track in it's life?

            In all seriousness good job pilotgolfer for helping out with that event, looks like it was a pretty emotional thing with all those names covering the circumference of the track etc