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  • Pictures of Your City/Town

    This thread is for showing other members what our city's or town's in which we live look like.

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    My home is Christchurch (city), New Zealand (country).

    Satellite Image

    Photo of Lyttleton Harbour, it used to be the inside of a volcano many moons ago.

    In this one you can see the Pacific Ocean. The structure in the foreground is an old WWII battery station. It was put there to make sure no Japanese subs fuc*ed us over, I believe a few subs got close but never attacked, which was lucky because otherwise i'd be eating with chop sticks and speaking funny


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      Originally posted by Messerschmitt Man
      Satellite Image
      Any specific reason for pointing out the location of the sewage ponds in relation to your home?


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        This is Dubai...

        This is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, one of the nicest hotels in Dubai

        This is Deira City Centre which is one of the biggest malls in Dubai

        Madinat Jumeirah-An Arabian Themed Hotel

        The Grand Hyatt

        The Dubai Marina one of the biggest real estate developments in Dubai

        This is a typical shot of the Dubai creek

        The Palm Jumeirah

        The palm Jumeirah

        A typical view of Sheikh Zayed Road, being the two tall silver biuldings(emirates towers)you can see the Dubai International Financial Centre


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          Wow, Dubai looks even better than the reviews I hear from other people
          That hotel in the first picture looks a little out of place though...

          Well here's mine:

          Mississauga, Ontario, Canada from the air courtesy of Google

          The suburbs is so boring. Everywhere you look, you see similar houses and shopping plazas...

          but one thing we have going for us is our magnificent city hall
          The Mississauga Civic Centre:


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            Here is an aerial photo of my neighborhood:

            A nighttime view overlooking the Western sections of Atlantic City from Caesar Tower:

            A general view of a downtown street just after sundown:

            A recent view looking toward downtown from uptown:

            An all too common view just outside of downtown Atlantic City:

            Another view of Pacific Av. just west of downtown:

            Sadly, most neighborhoods in Atlantic City look like this:

            Yet another neighborhood in Atlantic City. Photo courtesy of Michael Sullivan:

            A view of the West Atlantic City neighborhood as seen from Delaware Av:



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              I know I did this last time there was a post on the same subject, but I still think its funny so i'm gonna do it again


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                Palakkad, Kerala, India (1988-1992 more or less)

                Lowell, Taxachusetts, USA (1992-still consider this place to be my home)

                Duluth, Georgia, USA (1992-Present-blech, can't wait to leave this place)


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                  I live under the bridge. The rent is cheap.

                  *steals Avro Arrows g.sat image..