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  • This is under control?

    TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) - Taiwan rejected rival China's offer to help the island battle SARS, and insisted its outbreak was under control Sunday even as health officials reported another 12 fatalities, pushing the worldwide death toll past 700.

    In Malaysia, about 200 navy personnel were quarantined on their ship after a crew member died with symptoms of severe acute respiratory syndrome, a senior health official said Sunday.

    Worldwide, SARS has killed at least 715 people and infected more than 8,100.


    "BEIJING (AP) - China on Thursday announced 26 new SARS cases on the mainland - the largest daily increase this week - and four fatalities.

    The new figures bring the mainland's death toll to 300 and the total number of infections to 5,271, the Health Ministry said.

    Beijing, the hard-hit capital city, accounted for 15 of the new infections and two of the deaths from severe acute respiratory syndrome, the ministry said.

    The other fatalities occurred in the eastern port city of Tianjin and the southern province of Guangdong."

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    Well in Hong Kong it's well under control!
    Let's hope that it doesn't come back

    Yes Taiwan is having big problems and I think it's pretty stupid that they're rejecting help from China (just because of political differences regarding Taiwanese sovereignty), a nation now with experience in treating SARS. I am confident that Taiwan will take the necessary precautions and things would have peaked within a month. I hope.

    As for China, well people seem very aware and they're starting to get things under control.


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      What about the new cases in Toronto?
      I thought SARS was under control there.


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        Do did I! I have my doubts.........


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          "Read my lips no new cases"


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            1 new case in HK over the weekend.

            Originally posted by Richard
            Well in Hong Kong it's well under control!
            Let's hope that it doesn't come back
            As for Taiwan, just let the Government Fu.k around themselves. They have no idea what they're doing. They don't even have the guts to force those quarantinee to stay at home for 14 days.
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              Toronto is under control. Despite the possible new cases.
              Earl From Regina


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                firslty, under control does not mean totally gone. It means under control - the spread has been contained, and it's just a matter of a few days before it's gone.

                China is acting like a big dumb*ss. First, it disallows WHO officers from getting into Taiwan. Then, it says to Taiwan that it will provide some ambulances and some protective suits to them. Taiwan says no, and asks them to keep it themselves. So, the SARS situation in China and Taiwan is going nowhere.

                Atleast it's nearly gone in HK.
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                  So some governments are very weary of who they request for help. I am sure this applies to all countries. AS some one before me said, let the government fu.k around...

                  TO ALL LIVING IN HKG: Good job! SARS is approaching the end in your SAR.

                  Is there a cure for SARS yet? I am so sorry for not knowing; with finals in a few hours, i have to study every minute I get. I am not following the news too well... I hope there is a good cure for SARS. If not, it is just another epidemic in our planet's history.


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                    Well the source may have been found. Racoons and Civet cats had a virus similar to SARS. Hopefully doctors can derive an antibiotic cure from it and it'll be gone for good.


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                      The paper today reports that some of the sellers of the wild animals in China have been found to have antibodies in their blood, so scientists will work with that to see if they can come up with a solution.
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