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HOw much does this cost...?

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  • HOw much does this cost...?

    OK ppl, I need some help with prices of some things:

    How much would the following cost in France, Italy, and Austria? A range of prices is OK, because I know they vary.

    a T-shirt
    Refrigerator magnets
    Eiffel tower statues (any size)

    A glass of wine or beer
    A full sized lunch in Downtown Paris, Rome or Austria.

    Side Trips:
    Average musuem entrance fee

    I'm going to Europe for two weeks, and want to know how much money I'll need.

    Accomodations, Dinner, Breakfast, travel, etc is included. Some attractions are too, but not all.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Apologies for my bad spelling; I'm in a rush.


    9 more days

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    I'd bring at least $1000, although I'd only carry $100 on me and withdraw the rest as you need it from ATMs. Every time I've gone over, I usually spend between $800-$1000 for 2 weeks.

    I've never been to Austria, but the prices are marginally higher in France and Italy. The good thing is that when it comes to souveniers you can bargain with the street vendors. I'd say lunch will probably run you $8.00-$12.00, and beer or wine all depends on the quality.

    Museums will run you $5-$25 depending on where you go.