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    For a little project that we are putting together we need a programmer fluent in PHP, Java script, HTML and it's variants. Apply to Me or Joe. Thanks.

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    I'm "fluent" in PHP, MySQL and HTML (depends on what "its variants" means) but definately not in JavaScript. I'm not a professional, I program for fun/school in my spare time. I guess you could find someone much better than me, but in case you find nobody else...

    Now I've got to be careful... last time I said this I spent all of my Christmas break programming lol.


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      RE: Programmer Wanted

      I have some experience in JavaScript and HTML/DHTML regarding user interactivity and page layout. Using these skills (listed above), I do:
      - Form Validation (checks forms)
      - Page and image animations and details.
      - Frame pages, navigation between sites
      - Web-page layout.

      I, however:
      - Do not do complicated, proprietary, and difficult scripts such as dropdown menus seen in most hi-tech websites.
      - Do not do PHP.

      What project are you guys involved with?
      (gotAirbus?)-(Got Commonality?)-(Have A Nice Flight!)


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        I think PHP is the main thing for them...
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          Check my sig for the "project". (Or Joe's)