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Who won the most recent Amazing Race?

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    Originally posted by pbateson
    Which one is better? Amazing Race 6 or 7?
    I like season 6 better.. Too bad, my team didnt win...
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      Originally posted by Genessee
      I liked how Uchenna/Joyce won, and Rob/Amber lost by dumb luck....For someone that thought of everything, including some pretty decent scams, to keep ahead...Rob sure tripped up with the spanish cigar shop
      to me it was fixed, a plane that was out of it's chocks and started to back up all of a sudden decides to pull back in to let them on the plane?

      Funny that the airline was also a sponsor on the show. If they didn't make it on the plane then it wouldn't have been a good finale as they would have to leave 2 hours later. Then the cab just happens to take off on Rob and Amber?

      Rob's arrogant because he's from Massachusetts, that how they all are I liked them from Survivor and I wanted them to win.


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        why would you want those total di*k-heads to win? Specially over someone like the black couple or the old people?

        Why would you want a couple who think their gods and appear to have everything, million dollars, happy marriage etc etc to win over say the black couple who used the money to assist them in having children?

        It's like going "ok i have $1,000 dollars in my pocket that I will give away to either that homeless mother and her child or Donald Trump, yeah old Trumpie boy could use the money, and hes got so much whats the harm in giving him a little more?"

        Ever heard of the term underdog?