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Add another first for Mount Everest

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  • Add another first for Mount Everest

    Last week not only did the first Helicopter land/take off from the mountain's summit, but two Iranian women became the first Muslim females to conquer the summit as well, one is a Dentist the other a Graphic designer both in their 30's.

    Muslim men from different countries have conquered the summit in the past.

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    I think that's so good, unfortunately their actions will probably be frowned upon by men mainly back in their country, as women there are pretty much treated like trash.

    I wonder if they wore a burqa on top of their climbing clothes?


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      You'd be surprsied to know Iran has some of the best ski resorts in the middle east, and women go skiing there, dressed as they do in the west, just that their hair is covered.

      Women do just about everything in Iran.