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New Vehicle (with an aviation connection)

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  • New Vehicle (with an aviation connection)

    As I've mentioned on here in the past I've got a number of vehicles used on the Camel Trophy, a Land Rover 110 used as a mobile workshop in 1989 across the Amazon basin, a Land Rover 127 used as a mobile workshop in 1990 across Siberia, a Discovery used as a raft-unit in 1995 around Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador & Honduras and a Freelander used by the South African team in 1998 from Santiago (Chile) to Ushuaia in Tierra Del Fuego.

    I've recently bought another one, a Land Rover 90 which was one of the Dutch team vehicles used in Borneo in 1985. During that event the vehicles were marooned by a flood so were airlifted;

    As I typed that it occurred to me that I have another vehicle that's flown, my 127 was flown from Fairford to Bratsk in an An-124;

    View my photos at JetPhotos.Net!

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    Wow you have quite a collection of very nice off-road vehicles!

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      You must have a ton of fun in those.

      Originally posted by PT737SWA
      You distract him, I'll grab a couple