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  • PARIS-NEW YORK by .....

    Train ?!!!
    Positively not a misprint, its the project of a company named TransAtlantys
    (, french only at the time being) which plans linking both cities by rail within 8 hours flat. Work on tunnels due to harbour the tracks and trains are due to start this month. In addition to this site, billboards are posted on commercial screens in underground stations across Paris ....

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    I'd be quite nervous on that train


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      I wonder how many billions of dollars this company has in financing? It's going to probably cost close to a trillion dollars to build this tunnel. Paris-NYC in 8 hours by train? It's possible, since the TGV does hold the speed record of 322 mph (515.3 km/h), and has done runs at over over 300 mph, but the biggest roadblock for this project is the tunnel itself. But some folks already see this site as a hoax:
      Paris to NYC undersea train a hoax.


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        It's so silly that when you open their website, the first thing you notice is the passenger can see the sea creatures and the sea-bed of the Atlantic Ocean. Hopefully they paint the ceiling of the tunnel with those fishes because there is no glass that can hold the preasure of the water and the vibration of the train.

        One thing for sure, this kind of project that is hopefully a hoax, is simply a plain example of an ego to conquer and getting money upon the spending of taxpayer's money. Don't they learn anything from Eurotunnel, from France to England by train across The English Channel doesn't make any money at all. It's a huge debt they have now.

        Pheew.... who would be in a train for 8 hour in a tunnel under the sea bed anyway?


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          I dont know about this... what kind of escape routes would their be incase of an emergency, or how bout of a possible de-railment and the need for emergency services. Your screwed. Last I checked the Atlantic Fire Dept. was on vacation.
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            There's no way I'd step foot on that thing. Hello claustrophobic.


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              No way I'd take that trip.


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                I would think that they would probably be using maglev instead of a convntional train. Still dont think its for real though.


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                  Originally posted by YWG Chick
                  Hello claustrophobic.
                  Hello Catastophy.

                  Originally posted by screaming_emu
                  I would think that they would probably be using maglev instead of a convntional train. Still dont think its for real though.
                  I dont think it will happen, thought the Maglev sound reasonable.

                  First, how would they keep it from floating to the surface?
                  What happens if someone is in need of emeergency services?
                  What if somehting goes wrong?
                  How deep will it go?

                  I think it will have to go hella fast because the resistance in the water ect...


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                    Just another target for terrorist


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                      Originally posted by YYZPICS
                      Just another target for terrorist
                      Yep. Or US Navy Submarine drivers (anyone remember when they "didn't see" that island and crashed into it a few months ago)?
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                        Originally posted by Crunk415balla
                        No way I'd take that trip.
                        I'd take that trip in a heartbeat...hell, I'd queue up to be the first one to ride it. The site, while it looks professional, does seem to be a hoax. I'd assume it'd get more publicity than what it has received if it was real. Can anyone in France or New York confirm the alleged advertisements mentioned in the link given by srbmod?

                        If it's real, I'd bet it'll be a maglev train. And so what if someone gets sick on board? Are you telling me that it'll be a problem on an eight hour train ride, but not an 18.5 hour flight? Granted, the tunnel itself is susceptible to engineering flaws, and I'm sure the pressure at any suitable depths is unimaginable. But I'm sure that we will day make such a thing. Remember, our aviation hobby was nothing just 102 years ago .


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                          I doubt this would ever happen, first of all who is this company? Do they have enough money for this extremely costly venture? How are they going to convince millions of people that their train is better than an airplane which will likely go many times faster.

                          In general the construction of such a thing would take too long. New York and France are nearly 3000+ miles apart. It would likely take 20+ years.

                          As many other people said, there are too many risks involved with such transportation. Emergency situations will be too difficult to monitor, plus if there is a problem it will take many many hours before something can rescue them.
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                            Originally posted by babypurin
                            As many other people said, there are too many risks involved with such transportation. Emergency situations will be too difficult to monitor, plus if there is a problem it will take many many hours before something can rescue them.
                            How is this different from SQ's EWR-SIN? Atleast a train can actually pull aside another train and consider salvaging passengers. In case an A345 goes down near the North Pole (God forbid) those people are screwed more than people trapped on a train after a derailment. In fact, if the manufacturers placed emergency telephones every .5 or 1 mile, then communication between pax and a command would be quicker than the SQ incident. I'm sure the drivers of these trains could speak with both France and the US. If planned right, the train wouldn't even need to be underwater for too long a distance.

                            The longest leg underwater seems to be an unavoidable 2500 miles stretch from New York to the Azores. This distance can be cut even more:

                            The longest leg, Halifax to Azores, is 1900 miles. Either trip adds roughly 800 miles of travel, but I'm sure by 2017 (or whenever) the trains can go fast enough to make it in 8 hours.

                            And this is completely forgoing the idea of artificial islands. They wouldn't have to make it all the way to bed rock; a chunk of artificial floating material bouyed down to the seabed would be a place to start.

                            THe only people that I see who would vehemently oppose this are the airlines, the navy, and shipping companies. This is probably a good thing for the common man, especially if they can bring fares down to compete with airlines.


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                              It says there will be three locomotives generating 8700 HP that will drive the train at 600km/h with bursts up to 800km/h. The concrete tunnel will be suspended in the water, it will be 5800 km long and made up of 54000 110 m sections. rails will be made of a steel-titanium alloy borrowed from NASA. In marine tests it was found that a marine snail was attracted to the warmth of the tunnel but left a sticky acidic residue on the surface which would cause corrosion and tunnel failure within ten years if a suitable repulsive environmentally safe coating is not developed. They are expecting to be running in eleven years and there is a lottery for one of five tickets on the maiden voyage (you must be a french resident). Hurry and sign up!!