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Its been two weeks

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  • Its been two weeks

    Well yesterday was the best day for Nova Scotianers as the weather (for the past two weeks has been heavy rain and overcast and lots of wind) which looks like this...

    The last picture is real Halifax water front.

    To this (finaly)

    Thats real pic of Halifax as well.

    Finally sunny weather for a bit, I hope!

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    yeah I scrolled down with excited anticipation to the last image to be bitterly disappointed also.


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      haha! Well its realy sunny right now 11:02AM and its sweltering. Im in school now and our school doesnt have Air Conditioning


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        Haha, I love to poke fun at the Atlantic Canada rain-all-day best friend lives in Freddietown, and I laugh at it all the time...of course, come winter, she gets to throw it right back in my face

        Also, anyone in the NB/NS area who wants to do a little planespotting, etc, I might be out there either this summer or next spring (surprise visit for the aforementioned best friend) I'm up for pretty much anything...'long as it doesn't rain!