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  • double standards for banned members?

    A number of permanently banned members from the site have rejoined under new usernames, how come? I thought a permanent ban meant you were out for good, many are not even bothering to hide their previous identities, which means they have been allowed in with full knowledge of the admin and moderators, a case of money talks perhaps? as many are now "First Class" members there.

    I have also noticed some previous having been re-banned immediately after having re-joined by paying (fools) with in a matter of days or even hours of re-joining, have they lost their money? why are some allowed in while others are kept out? whats with this dual policy?

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    Don't think is the right place to b!tch about . Better take that anger here:
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      No thanks, I dont participate in such forums, I also depsite that sites admin and the type of discussions he encourages, the full of himslef fat arsehole, very sad that its been associated with, not that is any better than that.


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        This is JP.
        Will F.
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