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    Originally posted by avro_arrow_25206
    That looks like a beaver to me... are there beavers in Europe?
    Believe me, it is really a big brown rat
    There are beavers in Europe, but in the Netherlands they are not that common (nearly extinct, but reintroduced in some areas) and are very timid.


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      That reminds me lol. Last week when i was in LA we were sitting out on Clovis's terrace and we saw a rat running along the telegraph wires that connect to the poles. Instinctively i picked up an ice cube (I was making Mojito's so ice was nearby lol ) and threw it in the general direction of this big ass rat. (It was already dark so you could just see its silhouette against the sky). a second later we see the rat fall off the wire and head earthbound disappearing behind the neighbours fence. I dont think ive ever laughed so hard in my life Mainly due to the fact that we were pretty wasted, the distance to the rat was about 25 meters and the likelihood of actually hitting the rat was about 1/10000000 lol.

      Am i evil? ......... probably