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  • Xbox problem

    I recently got GTA San Andreas for Xbox, and it's been having some problems, telling me that the disk was dirty or damaged, even though it's spotless. The same has been happening with EA Sports games, particularly NCAA Football 2005 and NASCAR 2005. I was told it was a problem with newer games on an older Xobx. mine is quite old, manufatured in October 2001, very early on. The problems persisted, so I ran a CD drive cleaning disk, and now it won't play any games at all. I don't want to take apart my Xbox if I dont have to, but I will if needed

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    Have you tried wiping the CDs? This problem happened to a former roommate of mine and he solved it by wiping the CDs with a clean cloth. If not, try hitting the Xbox on the side a few time (not too hard!)
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      Mine wa made at the same time and I had no problems. You could ask at, theres lot's xbox brainers around there.