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  • yyz security alot nicer

    Have any of you been to yyz lately, well i went today (june 17), and first we went to airzonas for some departures, then decided to go in and around 06L and 06R. so we didnt get bothered for about 15 mins, till the opp showed up, i was in the car whole time and never stepped out. So has usally they came over and my dad already took out his drivers license becasue this was like the 5th time it happend to us and we know the routine. So hes like hey, you guys are watching planes, and were like yea, then my dads hands him is lincese then he said he will be rite back casue hes gonna check it. so he comes back and in a joking way asks us if were terrorist and all the other stuff.Then we stared talking about the yyz airport watch group and all that, Then hes like you guys can stay has long has you want tonight. I was like wow okay thanks. then he was telling us if we wanna come, to come on fridays and saturdays becasue there is no sercirty threats on these days, i still dont know what that means but those are my favorite days anyways, so i said okay cool. then before i left i asked him if i was allowed to take pictures and he said "sure", i usally get a "Nooo!" from everyone else.

    He said that the biggest problem is that when they see someone standing at the fence and only 50 yards away from the runway and all the aircraft, its a harzad and there only doing there job.

    Well after the 6th time of running into this people, they get to know and figure out that its your hobby and understand why your there, so i think im pretty well cleared with them know.

    I also think that the airport watch group has edcated them enough about our hobby and some understanding bewteen us and the authorities.