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Help with buying a Television? Which one?

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  • Help with buying a Television? Which one?

    Heya everyone,

    Just spent the day moving into a new place and now have to go through the painstaking process of purchasing a new television, fridge and microwave.

    Not having had to be in the market for these things for nearly 5 years I have no idea what brands are OK or not OK.

    A quick poll of my friends has *anything shiny new or stainless steel* which is no help.

    A last look around - I like the look of Grundig televisions, JVC and Sony.

    Can anyone recommend brand / type / size?

    I got a studio appartment so I am limited to a 63cm television and a medium size microwave. As for the fridge - anything goes as they left a huge amount of space for a big one. (okies plenty of white wine and beer storage lol)


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    Just bought a Sony flat screen. It's a bit larger 32" (about 81 cm). Great picture far better than the JVC or the Samsung. Make sure there is room there for lots of VB.


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      You can buy TV's real cheap over the internet, so don't go to the shops as they slap commision on the price. Do not buy a Bush or ALBA tv as my aunty has had her Bush TV for 6 months and it exploded. Your best bet is a Panasonic or Sony i have a 30" Panasonic for 6 years and all its needed was a new remote!


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        Well if money is no object:

        50" 16:9 XBR® Plasma WEGA™ Flat Panel Television and Media Box

        US $ 12,999.99


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          The best brands (in no order) seem to be Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and Philips. In my household there are large Sony and Philips TVs, the Philips has a better picture even though it is not flatscreen like the Sony.
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            SONY PLASMA 50" TV

            in Canada, it costs

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              Hiya Guys,

              Okies - I bought a 59cm Sony flat screen wega (??) with all sorts of things - I think it is a just superceded model.

              Model No KVXA25M31 - $1099 AUD

              It was floor stock so I got $300 AUD off it. I was actually getting a different one but the couldn't say when they were delivering and I was having the Fridge + Microwave delivered from the same store and I wanted them in the next few days.

              Westinghouse frost free - stainless steel and black - with ice maker and water thingy. $1098 AUD.

              Sharp stainless steel and black microwave $248 AUD.

              And last night as I was working my way home from the Train station - stopping at every pub along the way for a schooner of beer - by the time I got to my street I missed it and walked in front of a furniture store still open at 7pm on a sat night. Oh no!

              1 x purple / lilac suede chaise lounge - $ 750 AUD.

              Gawd - it's the gayest thing I have ever purchased in my life. LOL

              Anyone want to see a picture of it (from my phone) message me.

              Hoo Roo!

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