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  • Best Web Browser?

    I generally use IE and it's been great for a while, but lately it has been giving me problems (i.e. something to do with memory, even though I clean my cache daily with windowasher). I'm using Newscape 7.0 right now, and it's OK, but I don't like the display too much and some sites don't work with Netscape.

    I have heard of Phoenix, but never tried it out. I'm sure there are other web browsers.

    I dunno, IE is old faithful for me and by far the most recognized, but I'm sick of these problems with it. Is there any browser you'd recommend?

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    nope, stick with Internet Explorer, it's the obvious best!
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      I had IE 5 and it got bad so I decided to use the apple browser: Safari, it's like a Mercury if Netscape was a Ford. Same body different outside. I still use IE for my uploads to however.


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        I tried using Netscape but like you said it doesn't display certain WebPages and I don't like how it displays framed websites. I stick to IE, it does its job and it's the most universal browser out there, can you say Monopoly?????