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    The last one @ SKMD was a Cessna that was trying to land but the plane suffered some problems and it ended landing on a very transited highway of the city (Avenida Guayabal for Andrés Duque), damaging two cars and killing one person.
    There have been several accidents/incidents involving Aces Colombia DHC6-300s due to several reasons.
    Before SKRG was built when SKMD was the Intl airport, Tampa Colombia also suffered a crash of one of their 707s.
    SKMD is a very dangerous airport and accidents/incidents happen often, I witnessed a small plane crashing on take off roll....

    SKRG has suffered few accidents, I can recall on some two Antonov planes that carried newspapers from Bogotá, they crashed at the same hour, the same date, in the same flight stage (approach to RWY 36), working for the same airline but only with two years of difference.
    Sam Colombia also suffered a 727-100 crash when coming from Panama to SKRG, but it crashed far from the airport, like at the middle of the flight due to a ADF damaged by guerrillas, bad weather, and pilot overall disorientation.


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      mx5_boy: Don't forget you had the Pan Am 707 over-run back in the day, and then the Ansett Australia 747 nosewheel incident a few years back! Admittedly, neither fatal, but noteworthy nevertheless.

      Washington National: Just a couple. One of them deliberate. We also had the Air Florida 737 go down in the Potomac many years ago.

      Adelaide: Not that I'm aware of.
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        There were quite a few in Los Angeles.

        Right after I was born, Aeromexico 498 hit a Piper Cherokee in flight and crashed, killing all on board.

        Earliest I remember as a child was the USAir 737 that landed and crashed into a Skywest Metro on runway 24L at night in 1991.
        Then we had Alaska 261 that crashed off the coast of LA in 2000.

        I was listening to my scanner on Burbank tower one night when Southwest 1455 skidded off the runway there and smashed through the blast fence at the end.



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          Tanuj, you can get more info on this crash on the site.
          What happend was that a China Airlines MD-11 was landing during a pretty nasty Typhoon. There were reports of crosswinds or windshear or something like that which caused the airplane's wing to hit the runway and the whole plane just flipped over and crashed landing on its roof. This was in August 1999.

          BTW Tanuj, so that you get a better idea of where Kai Tak is, you see the picture of the CAL 744 you posted, well if you look right behind that you can just see the Convention Ctr and Central Plaza.


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            Major aviation disaster happened where I live.. Northwest 255 went down killing 157 people.

            Being a trauma nurse, my mother actually stopped at the crash scene on her way home from work, as she heard about it on the radio. She walked this crash scene.

            The intersection is Wick Road and Middlebelt Road. The rail overpass is where the plane impacted, and the other overpass is Interstate 94.
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              Here in Ottawa four come to mind immediately, there may be more:

              In 1990 a P-51 Mustang plowed into the CFB Ottawa Golf Course during the YOW International Airshow, killing the pilot. A real show stopper;

              In 1979, exact date unknown, a Canadian Forces CF-101 Voodoo Interceptor crached and killed both crew at YOW/CFB Ottawa;

              On 20 May 1967 CF-TJM, an AC DC8-54F crashed on approach to Uplands killing all the crew; and

              In May 1956, an Avro Canada RCAF CF100 Canuck, a Canadian built and designed Interceptor, crashed here in my neighbourhood of Orleans killing both aircrew and many old folks in a retirement residence. Suspected cause hypoxia, but they never found enough of the crew to confirm as the aircraft dived in from very high altitude. There is a small memorial plaque on the site.
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                I never knew about those incidents!
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                  Last accident I know of at Wichita Mid-Continent was a Challenger 604 crashing after takeoff killing the pilots and a passenger. This happened a couple of years ago.