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Non-Americas: Aruba story bombarding your newswaves as well??

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    Originally posted by TAP-A343
    but then perhaps this case was mentioned here but it's simply not relevant to me as a Portuguese.
    ....nor was it relevant to 99.999% of us Americans!
    (though, some could argue that the "Laci & Conner Act" was catalyzed into law by this case)

    Originally posted by TAP-A343
    What I find interesting is that in most of the America media (at least in their domestic versions like CNN US vs. CNN International) not even international important issues are sometimes mentioned, unless there are Americans involved.
    I agree with you on this

    Many here are of the opinion that: seeing as America is typically at the forefront of most matters of international significance-- if it doesn't involve an American, then it must not be important. many things wrong with that way of thinking that I cannot even begin to describe them
    Us, lighting a living horse on fire:

    Check it out!