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what's it like??-Minnesota

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  • what's it like??-Minnesota

    I will be spending the next 4 months in the MPLS area for work. I have never been to Minnesota. What is it like up there? Are the locals friendly and welcoming or are they rather rude and nasty.

    What about the metro area itself and surrounding areas? Is there much to do? What do folks up there do for fun?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I just flew home from MSP last night...

    In my opinion it is the best city in the country. Very clean, very nice people, active, nice weather, great fishing and scenery with its many lakes. The whole state is nice and Minneapolis is where I hope to reside when I grow up. There is a lot to do weather you are into art/theater, outdoors, sports, anything. It is home to one of the cleanest and friendliest downtowns in the whole world. The only bad thing about mpls is Interstate 35W at rush hour.