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Space Shuttle launches soon!

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    The Russian designed Energija rocket is the most powerful rocket out there.
    It has, in the 80's, lifted an 100tonnes payload into space (setting a new, yet to be broken, record.)

    I believe it was designed to carry the Russian space shuttle "Buran" into orbit.


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      Originally posted by tommyalf
      So what's your plan then? Keep wasting millions of dollars? We should already have a new orbiter that is reliable and meets the needs we require for today's missions. As for your immature attacks perhaps you'll get along allot better with the members if you refrained from using them. My opinions are my opinions and right now I don't have a high opinion of our space program. Yes they do have their share of success but they have a huge series of failures that I believe if NASA had shareholders who expected a profit and successful projects allot more would be taking place right now that private industry could handle. Oh and please don't tell me that the U.S taxpayer is holding NASA accountable because that is a total joke.
      Your opinion IS your opinion, and you're free to have it. But what's an opinion really worth if it's not an INFORMED opinion?

      Your comparison of NASA to a business with shareholders shows your ignorance as to what NASA's mission is, Space Exploration. In Exploration, there can be no guarantees, therefore no promise of profits for "shareholders". People would be foolish to invest in such stock even if it existed. Exploration is not a business, it is a do or die, sometimes trial and error experiment.

      Apples and Oranges you are comparing my friend. You need to do your homework.


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        Do a google search on the Energia project. Also, I am not sure of the Space Shuttle's maximum payload but I do know that the max it has been able to lift was in 1999 - about 23 tons and that was the Chandra telescope. Can someone confirm this?

        BTW, I have news regarding the shuttle:
        Experts: Aging shuttle fleet poses danger


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          Well, I invested some time in making a work for my school graduation in English and there I compared the two space programs of the US and the Soviet Union. Great coincidence as I was highly interested in this subject and with that work learned a lot!

          But the biggest rocket the Russians built during the time of the "Run for the Moon" was the N-1. A mighty machine but with 30 engines in the first stage alone it just couldn't work.

          But the Energija sounds no less impressive. Best of all: it was able to lift the Buran into space. Not impressive? Well, the Buran doesn't have these huge engines the Space Shuttle has. Reading a short comprehensive article on the Energija and it's fantastic!

          Wow, a bit technical data of the Energija:

          height: 102m (334ft for the Americans out there )
          takeoff mass: 1277 tons
          fuel mass: 1155 tons (that means that the rocket itself weighs around 120 tons)
          fuel: kerosene and liquid oxygen

          Very sad that the Energija has only flown twice. It would be the perfect fit to transport huge parts of the ISS into orbit and would surely be a lot more cost efficient than the Space Shuttle.

          The Tupolev Tu-114.
          World speed record holder for turboprop aircraft.


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            The space race may be over, but there is still is a race to the moon. I know for sure the United States has accomplished this feat. However the mission now is colonization and the countries eager to take to this task are the United States, China, India and I think Russia.

            With that being said, I'm sure we will anticipate breakthroughs in rocket science and technology. Do I think powerful rockets will be used to carry heavy payloads into space? Of course.

            Stay tuned.